Thursday, September 17, 2009

Newest Movie Review

So ever since I've moved back home I have had a lot more free time than usual. I am trying to find a job but deep down inside I have no desire to work for awhile. I would love to just do my own thing and still somehow have the money...haha but that's not how my life works.

Anywho, I was cleaning my room and organizing everything. I don't have a dvd player at the moment but the VHS on my tv works. I went downstairs to the basement and took a look at my parent's small collection which mainly consists of Disney and children movies. I randomly decided to go with a movie I haven't watched since I was a little girl, A Little Princess. This movie flooded back so many memories of Chocolate and me watching this and pretending to be the girls in the movie. It also reminded me of my parents, espicially my dad and for them always calling me their little princess.

This movie although had some cheesy moments, was really touching. It had some very strong messages and themes that I didn't really think about when I was a little girl. The heroine in the movie is Sarah, a girl who lived in wealth with her father then it all got taken away from her. One thing that never changed about her was how selfless she was. She was never spoiled and gave whatever she could to those in need. She was extremely loving and made all those who knew her feel special.

Another theme that completely touched me was that you are never too old to believe in magic. That magic only is real when you believe in it. Like believing that your toys come to life when you leave the room or that you can be the richest person in the world if you believe you are. I loved how her character sees the beauty in everything. That every moment of her life she never took for granted and cherished all she could. She never stopped fighting for what she believed was right. This movie truly is a classic for me and will be one that I will show my daughter(s) some day.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Chapter

Well randomly life has changed drastically for me. I went into moving into California thinking that it was going to become my new home for the next two years. Unfortunately life has a way of completely looking me in the face and giving me a good smack. I wanted to transfer to a Cal-State school and waited until I could apply for California residency only to realize once I was going to do this that none of the schools were taking transfers until fall of 2010! A whole other year of no school. As much as I love California and dream of it being my home someday I know that school is my top priority in life if I want to achieve any dreams of my career.

There was a lot of other personal reasons for me deciding to leave California but in the end school was the main deciding factor. I haven't lived in Spokane since high school and felt that taking a break for a couple months before going back to school in January might be a good idea. I plan on enjoying the stress free life of not worrying about roommate drama or paying bills. I'm really excited also to be back in Spokane at the age I am now. To reunite with old friends and discover things about Spokane I never took advantage of before. Have quality time with my parents and be close to people I grew up with and all together rediscover myself.

I learned so much about myself in California. I learned a lot about what I like about myself as well as what I don't. I went out of my comfort zone in California and experienced so many new and exciting things. As much as I enjoyed my life in there I am glad to close that chapter and start a new one. I'm ready to really re-plan my life. For awhile I've always had a plan with my life; always knew where I was going. I had been putting my life on pause and have been distracted and am ready to get back on track.

I miss my friends and the life I had in California but can't wait to rediscover so many things while being in Spokane. At the moment my plan is to decide if I'm moving to Seattle, WA or going back to school in Rexburg, ID. In the end it will come down to me praying and asking God what path I take that will in the end make me the happiest and be the most rewarding.